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Piper-Blake CPC ACC 

Creator of the

Cadence Coaching Model 


What People

Wellbeing Coach, Surrey

Although I have experienced and worked with various self-development platforms and people over the years, I felt this was a very unique approach. The level of accountability that was required of me was very empowering and clarifying. I feel in a short amount of time, I was able to really understand where my blocks were and now have the tools to move through them with measurable results. He has a sound balance between support, accountability, humanity and results which I find will benefit whomever he works with during his career. I am very thankful to have worked with him.

Kira Heuer, New York, USA

Duncan has an incredible ability to facilitate self-discovery. He never imposed answers or tried to solve anything but in exploring and guiding my own thinking, helped me to understand new perspectives on my past, present and future. By allowing me to set the agenda and follow my instincts I tuned into exactly what I needed. Sessions with Duncan came at the craziest time for me – I had a tiny baby, I wasn’t sleeping, my work in the arts was more precarious than ever as the pandemic put the industry in crisis… often I wondered what I was doing indulging in coaching, as I arrived on zoom just on time, baby hanging off me, with a brain that felt like congealed porridge. But I came away every time with my horizon expanded, my shoulders relaxed and my mind fizzing with excitement at the opportunities and ideas I had uncovered. Working with Duncan gave me precious time to both reflect deeply and move my thinking forward – which made my decision-making more efficient so that I was able to direct my energy to the right places, benefiting me physically, mentally, financially. Duncan is a fantastic coach with a calm and generous presence and I look forward to reconnecting in the future.

Lucy, London, UK

Through my coaching experience, Duncan struck a brilliant balance between supporting & reassuring and pushing me to explore and challenge the questions I was bringing to the session. The sessions made me work hard - a great sign of something worth while - but were even more rewarding and refreshing. My coaching experience helped me to discover the positives in the traits I have always considered to be limiting, giving me the comfort and confidence to bring an authentic version of myself as a leader and team member.

Jemma, London, UK

Duncan has a wonderful way of really listening and then getting to the crux of the matter and finding out what is causing things to get stuck - not by imposing his own viewpoint but by asking the right questions. He really helped me refine my goals and the paths to them.

Oran Etkin, New York, USA

Working with Duncan has really helped my understanding of myself. Through his abilty to guide me to think for myself, I have had some powerful lightbulb moments that have made immediate, significant and long lasting improvements in both a practical sense and how I process my thoughts. This has had an impact on my working confidence and happiness. I am very grateful.

Mary Harrington, Bath, UK

This was my first experience of coaching and so I was a little unsure of what to expect. What came were really reassuring sessions which prompted my thinking and challenged my opinions/ interpretations of attributes/situations I considered to be negative. I really valued Duncan’s patience, sense of calm and open demeanour. I came away with clear actions and useful methods which helped me achieve my goal.

Laura Dykes, London, UK

Being coached by Duncan was a magical journey. Duncan has a rare skill of listening and creating a nonjudgmental space which allowed me to see the difference between me and my emotions. In each session I was able to leave the session with a fresh perspective, great energy and gratefulness to my path. Thank you Duncan for being my Coach - I am truly thankful for you coaching skills and your authenticity.

Shay Babila, Austria

I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions with Duncan. Prior to this I had no experience of coaching before and was unsure initially if it was something for me. The sessions were amazing and I was very impressed with the work I did with Duncan. I felt enlightened and reinvigorated on a professional level. Each session was focused and always led to some goal setting as well as giving me time and space to reflect on my career and current progress. I was really grateful for this space for reflection as it is not always possible when we are caught up in our busy lives. After each session I always came away feeling a sense of achievement and had some good results from implementing the plans we had discussed. I am now a big believer in coaching and very grateful to Duncan for supporting me on this journey.

Beth McIntyre, Cheltenham, UK

Initially I was unsure of what coaching actually was and how it might benefit my career. After a number of sessions with Duncan as my coach I have found the experience to be totally worthwhile. It's given me some invaluable time to talk through challenges and ways in which to conceptualise and manage these better. I've also developed a whole array of new skills to help me in similar scenarios in the future. I'd highly recommend it!

Tom Wright, Exeter, UK

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