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Piper-Blake CPC ACC 

Creator of the

Cadence Coaching Model 


What People

Executive Coach, Surrey

Very empowering and clarifying...I feel in a short amount of time, I was able to really understand where my blocks were and now have the tools to move through them with measurable results.

Kira heuer,
new york, USA

Duncan has an incredible ability to facilitate self-discovery...I came away every time with my horizon expanded, my shoulders relaxed and my mind fizzing with excitement at the opportunities and ideas I had uncovered.

london, UK

I have had some powerful lightbulb moments that have made immediate, significant and long lasting improvements.

Mary Harrington,

It's given me some invaluable time to talk through challenges and ways in which to conceptualise and manage these better.

Tom wright,
exeter, uk

Duncan has a wonderful way of really listening and then getting to the crux of the matter and finding out what is causing things to get stuck.

Oran etkin,
new york, USA

A brilliant balance between supporting & reassuring and pushing me to explore and challenge the questions I was bringing to the session. 

london, UK

A rare skill of listening and creating a nonjudgmental space which allowed me to see the difference between me and my emotions.

Shay babila,

Really reassuring sessions which prompted my thinking and challenged my interpretations ...I really valued Duncan’s patience, sense of calm and open demeanour.

laura dykes,
london, uk

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