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Piper-Blake CPC ACC 

Creator of the

Cadence Coaching Model 



Certified Coach, Surrey


In contrast to traditional corporate training (where everyone has to learn the same thing at the same time), Cadence Coaching is a fully tailored learning and development solution, led by the employee. It ensures the specific needs of each individual are addressed in every coaching session, and secures high-levels of engagement and personal ownership.

I offer coaching that can also flex with your organisation's needs: whether for an individual that needs some focussed support, or a broader community of staff across your organisation, get in touch to discuss how a bespoke coaching programme can be designed for you.

Below are just a few examples of the kind of topics employees can bring to their coaching programme. These might come out of 360 degree or annual reviews, or they could come from an employee simply noticing that there is something they want to change.

High Performance

Create a culture where everyone is able to deliver at their best.


More and more people are working until they're on sick leave – bad news for them and their employer.


Make public speaking smoother and written comms clearer.


Help your people build more effective teams, a more resilient organisation and deliver better results.

Health and Wellbeing

Good mental, physical and emotional health are cornerstones of thriving organisations. 


Help staff manage conflict and collaborate more effectively. Support them to build networks and increase their EI.

Work-life balance

Do you want to support your staff to have greater balance and more effective boundaries?


Let's get everyone organised, able to prioritise and manage their time more effectively. 

New Ways Of Working

How are your teams managing remote working, increasing digitisation and accelerating automation?


Your staff are technically brilliant, but imposter syndrome and fear of failure may hold them back. 

Career Development

What's next? Get your staff working towards a future aligned with their values.


Find intrinsic motivation (not just money and weekends) and you'll find sustainable motivation.


Giving your staff opportunities to learn and grow is the number one driver of great work culture: when you invest in your organisation through meaningful learning and development, your staff will be 3.6 times more likely to report being happy and being 2.9 times more likely to report they expect they’ll still be with you in two years.


And in 2019, the University of Oxford found that happy staff are 13% more productive. So coaching is not just good for your employees, it's good for your organisation too.


Coaching is fundamentally confidential – I will never divulge details of any coaching conversation to anyone. However, with your employees' permission, I am able to give you an overarching sense of the key organisational issues facing your staff, whilst always retaining the anonymity of those that have raised any concerns.

And unlike with an employee survey, our coaching conversations can provide solutions as well as outlining the issues at hand. 

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