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Piper-Blake CPC ACC 

Creator of the

Cadence Coaching Model 



Certified Coach, Surrey


You may be looking to support a single employee: a high-potential manager, a member of staff in a new leadership position, or a senior executive. 

We would simply discuss the details of the engagement, I'd meet the employee to check the fit, we'd sign a contract and begin the coaching programme. I would expect the first session to be within a week of our initial contact. Click here to get in touch and discuss this further.


You may want to place coaching at the heart of your organisational strategy, and offer the service to a larger bracket of employees (perhaps your senior leaders or talent pool). Click here to arrange an introductory call to see if I can support your teams to thrive.


You may be looking to develop the coaching skills of your managers – to help them move away from a more traditional or hierarchical approach to leadership and towards a more facilitative and support style. You may envision conversations between a manager and their team in which staff aren't simply told what to do, but instead coached to deliver their best work.


I design and deliver half and full-day coaching skills workshops that help managers make that shift. Click here to find some time do discuss these programmes.


You may be looking to create a culture of coaching across your whole business in order to attract and retain top talent, increase employee engagement, support your teams to develop a growth mindset, increase their wellbeing and raise productivity. 

I work closely with CEOs and CHROs/CPOs to design and develop bespoke training programmes and honed interventions that support the development of an overarching and sustainable coaching culture. Click here if you would like to explore how I can help.

Very empowering and clarifying...I feel in a short amount of time, I was able to really understand where my blocks were and now have the tools to move through them with measurable results.

Kira heuer,
new york, USA

Duncan has an incredible ability to facilitate self-discovery...I came away every time with my horizon expanded, my shoulders relaxed and my mind fizzing with excitement at the opportunities and ideas I had uncovered.

london, UK

I have had some powerful lightbulb moments that have made immediate, significant and long lasting improvements.

Mary Harrington,

It's given me some invaluable time to talk through challenges and ways in which to conceptualise and manage these better.

Tom wright,
exeter, uk

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