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Piper-Blake CPC ACC 

Creator of the

Cadence Coaching Model 


The Cadence Process.

Wellbeing Coach, Surrey

The powerful coaching experience a client will have in each coaching session.

Professional Coach, Surrey

Once the principles of the Cadence Space are in place (acceptance, recognition, optimism and ethics), both parties are in the right mode (client: open, committed and honest; coach: listening, observing and questioning), the client has brought their challenge or ambition with them and the coach is ready with their Mixing Deck, the stage is set for a powerful coaching session.


The client will experience seven distinct phases of the Cadence Process.



The coach will welcome a conversation about the ambition or challenge that the client is bringing to the coaching session.



The client will fully accept themselves and their situation as they currently are.



The client will decide what they want to be different by the end of their session.    


The coach will work with the client to explore the options that are available to them for change, in alignment with divergent design thinking techniques.


The coach will work with the client to converge on a solution that is viable.



The client will commit themselves to a course of action.



The client will enact that commitment.


This is a cyclical process – after the client has enacted their commitment, they will be able to return to the coaching space to have another conversation, accept the success or failure of that action to elicit the change they were seeking, and decide how they want to continue moving forward.

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