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Piper-Blake CPC ACC 

Creator of the

Cadence Coaching Model 


The Cadence Client.

Professional Coach, Surrey

An open, committed and honest client, who brings a clear challenge or ambition to each session.

If a client has never been coached before, they may find the experience unnerving – rarely are people given such dedicated space to tend to their need for change. In order for effective coaching to take place, a client must be open to this new experience.    

If a client is not honest with themselves or their coach, it can warp the coaching conversation and can make it difficult to support the client to take action that’s aligned with their true values. With honesty, both parties are able to engage with the heart of the issue and ground it in a present reality – not struggle against it and pretend it’s different – and find an authentic way forward.


And finally, the client must be committed to both the coaching process and to change. That’s why, in a thorough introductory session, the Cadence Coach and Client typically agree to a programme of six sessions, have a strict cancellation and no-show policy and expect the client to work hard in each coaching session to make as much progress as possible. The client must also come into the room with a sense of the challenge they are currently facing, or an ambition that they want to explore and tackle.

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