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Piper-Blake CPC ACC 

Creator of the

Cadence Coaching Model 


What Is

Life Coach, Surrey

I think of coaching as "change support": I'm here to help you navigate a change you are going through, or to help you create a change you're looking to make.


Simply put, coaching is a series of focussed and deliberate conversations between you and me, in which we will uncover what’s really important to you and work out what areas of your life need some focus in order to align it with those values. 

You can learn more about how I do this through the Cadence Coaching Model  – my own approach to coaching – here.

Below are just some of the topics that clients can work on in our coaching sessions.


Work-life balance

You may be close to burnout, or struggling to prioritise your work.


You may be trying to quit smoking, or finally stop procrastinating. 


You may be feeling bored or unfulfilled when you have free time.


You may be finding it difficult to sustain a healthy diet, or make it to the gym.


You may be finding it hard be patient with your child, or difficult to adjust to their increasing independence.

personal growth

You may be feeling stuck – that your life is not moving forwards.

career and business

You may be  struggling with imposter syndrome, or working out your next step.

sustainable living

You may want to make greener choices, but don’t know where to begin.


You may be finding that your creative juices are drying up, or that you're lacking creative focus.

friends and family

You may be trying to create boundaries, or invest in an important relationship.


You may be looking for love, or trying to work out how you can keep what you have.


You may be trying to be prudent, but find you're not spending so wisely.